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Film Review: Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Persona’

personaI rented this 1967 film because I’ve read several articles about other films that reference it. Since I recently watched David Lynch’s surreal, open-ended “Mullholland Drive,” I thought I would give “Persona” a chance.

The two films are similar because they are both about the confusing psychological relationship of two women. “Persona” is about a nurse and her patient and how their personalities begin to merge.

If I hadn’t already seen some of Roman Polanski’s 1960s films, it might have impressed me more, but I think I’ve been somewhat desensitized by “Repulsion,” another psychological exploration of the female mind. It’s raw film that succeeds in getting under your skin to read a part of your mind that most films never explore.

It seems experimental like other European films from the 1960s or before, with photographic elements similar to Dali’s 1929 “Un Chien Andalou” in the beginning. I guess our world was once filled with very progressive, edgy, intellectual filmmakers, but has since regressed.

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