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Film review: It’s not Titanic, but ‘Poseidon’ doesn’t sink

427fa-700446975b15dI guess the people making this film thought it had been long enough since “Titanic” and likely decided that another huge, sinking ship film would be a sure bet.

For some reason, I happen to like ship movies, so I rented this film and thought it was pretty good. If you like special effects and adventure movies, you would probably enjoy “Poseidon,” even though it follows a predictable formula. A group of characters, thrown together by chance, must work with each other utilizing their own special talents to stay alive.

There’s a firefighter, an architect and a young boy, with hands small enough to reach through metal gates, who comes in useful. And there’s the “Rose/Jack” love story thrown in to tug at your romantic heartstrings.

I’m not sure why, but I also seem to always enjoy movies that require people to venture through a maze of unknown territory to find their escape, and the threat of drowning always adds tension. I suggest renting it if you’re looking for a good popcorn movie.

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