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DVD review: ‘Population 436’ – Stop it, Jeremy!

97742-population436Would someone please prevent Jeremy Sisto from starring in any more bad, low budget horror films?

Who is Jeremy Sisto, you might ask? He’s a really good actor, who has made several bad movie choices in the last few years, and after watching “Population 436,” I’m convinced he needs guidance.

The movie is about a census-taker who visits a small town to record the population and discovers that the figure never changes. The town is basically a giant roach motel. You can check in, but the only way you can check out is if you kick the bucket. A balance has to be maintained at all times, otherwise a curse, or prophecy, or (something) causes (something) to happen. The something is never really explained.

The film description initially sounded unique and intriguing, but the movie is really a conglomeration of Shirley Jackson’s short story “The Lottery,” “The Stepford Wives” and “The Village.” The result is boring, predictable and a waste of Jeremy Sisto’s talents.

Sisto got his film start as a teenager in 1991’s “Grand Canyon.” The next few years, he was in a number of films, but nothing significant until he won the lead role in the 1999 television mini-series “Jesus.” But when Sisto joined the the superb cast of “Six Feet Under” from 2001-2005, he proved he’s got skills. And all I’m saying is that when you work with actors of that caliber and earn the reputation of being one, you don’t star in movies like “Population 436.”

Sisto, whose latest work was on the critically acclaimed television series “Kidnapped,” is an actor with Oscar potential, given the right project, so I hope he’ll raise his standards and go for the gold.

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