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Film review: ‘Aliens of the Deep’ – Where are the aliens?

imagesI was very excited about renting this 2005 film, because I’m fascinated by marine biology, particularly the unusual animals that live at the bottom of the ocean. Hoping to get an exclusive view of the strange creatures we rarely see, I put this in my Netflix cue thinking director James Cameron (of “Titanic” fame) would take me to the bottom of the ocean and show me a number of interesting creatures I’ve never seen before.

I thought the film would consist mainly of underwater photography of the unique inhabitants, but to my disappointment, viewers only see a few glimpses of the strange “aliens” as they pass by Cameron’s submarine. The bulk of the film is about Cameron and his crew of scientists. Way too many scenes show them preparing to venture below and sitting around inside the vessel discussing the origins of life and the possibility of its existence on other planets.

If I wanted to rent a film about astronomy, I would have looked for something with Carl Sagan or Stephen Hawking in the tile. Instead, I wanted to see more of the stomachless six-foot worms and sightless white crabs mentioned in the DVD description, and I was disappointed that Cameron, who did such a good job documenting the sunken remains of the Titanic a few years ago, didn’t show me more “Aliens of the Deep.”

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