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Speaking of James Cameron . . .

secondlifeSpeaking of James Cameron, who is mentioned below in another blog entry, The New York Times reports today that the famed “Titanic” director has begun working on a new $200 million production called “Avatar,” a science fiction movie with virtual characters designed to be so lifelike the audience will question whether they are human or animated.

The word “avatar” is catching on lately because of popular video games and virtual world Web sites like “Second Life.” Those who want to explore can log on and create an “avatar” or animated version of themselves. But “Second Life” doesn’t exclusively own the word. Yahoo also allows users to create avatars for their own lists three meanings of the word:

1. In Hindu mythology, an avatar is the incarnation of a god.
2. It means an embodiment or personification of principle, attitude or view of life.
3. It’s a graphical image that represents a person, as on the Internet.Hummm. . . I wonder if my avatar should audition for the new movie?

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