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Trends: Old-fashioned bunnies signify technological rebellion

bunniesI blogged about the return of 1800s-style baby bonnets in another post below, and I’ve also noticed lately that 19th century- and early 20th century-style toys seem to be making a comeback.

bunnies2I’ve seen many crocheted and hand sewn bunnies, bears and dolls posted on Style Hive that look very old-fashioned, and I think their revival signifies a rebellious cultural move.

robotMy belief is that sometimes, when our popular culture is saturated with something, society has a tendency to collectively move in the opposite direction. We are currently being bombarded by technology and are learning to quickly adapt to change. (The new iPhone below is a good example.)

I think the old-fashioned toys represent a desire to return to a simpler time and expose children to wholesome, basic products without all the bells, whistles and memory cards. I even found a crocheted robot online that marries both ideas.

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