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Trends: Chillin’ with technology

fridgeGone are the days when you leave a note taped to the refrigerator. Uncrate reports that the new Samsung Wireless ICE Refrigerator, which sells for $3,500, has the following: a detachable 10.4-inch wireless TFT touch-sensitive LCD Pad with a digital calendar, scheduler and memo pad; a built-in sound system; a digital AM/FM radio; and it can be programmed to let you know when your food’s expiration date is nearing. You can also wirelessly watch television on the LCD.

Uh, does anyone really need a refrigerator that can do all this stuff? The only thing it seems to lack is a cryonics compartment that will preserve your body until they develop Frankenstein technology that can bring you back to life.

It seems like our attempt to simplify things with technology is sure making things unnecessarily complicated. Remember when refrigerators just refrigerated things? You put stuff in one, it got cold, and everyone was happy.fridge2

It makes you wonder if other kitchen appliances will change with the times. If you can listen to music and watch television on your fridge, will you eventually be able to surf the Web and take pictures with your toaster? Will forks go digital, electronically indicating the number of calories per bite you intake? Will cookbooks voice aloud that you are too fat for a certain recipe?

Going back to my theory a few blogs down that because we are currently being bombarded by technology, there is an increasing interest in relics from our past, I also found this refrigerator from Big Chill on a trendy Web site. It’s shaped just like the one my grandmother had in her kitchen and quite a contrast from the Samsung model.

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