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Would Gloria Steinem approve of this apron?

apronI really want this apron because it’s adorable, but here’s the dilemma: If I buy the apron and wear it for the sole purpose of being cute, will I be setting the women’s movement back 50 years? I haven’t seen these on anyone since June Cleaver, who we all know is frequently regarded negatively as a fictional symbol of womanhood.

So I must explain that if I do decide to purchase this adorable apron and wear it, 50 percent of my doing so is an ironic gesture poking fun at the sexist days of yon when a woman’s society-mandated place was in the repressive American kitchen, and the other 50 percent is that I suspect I have an undeveloped Martha Stewart gene that causes me to innately find this apron positively precious.

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  1. And just when would you wear this adorable apron? In the drive-thru lane as you pick up supper? Or has this Martha Stewart gene also led you to start being creative in the kitchen.Of course, since they are out of stock, you would have a month and a half to practice.You could even have a portrait taken of you and hand it beside your shot of Barbara Billingsley.

  2. I do enjoy watching the Food Channel, and every now and then, I try to cook a new recipe on Sunday. I’ve also learned to make Sushi, but I haven’t mastered it yet. I think I’ve used too much rice vinegar the last two times.Yeah, it was actually pleasantly surprising that Barbara Billingsley wasn’t all that perfect in person. I think I even heard her say an expletive while joking around and being flirtatious with the men who were getting their picture made with her. She seemed aware of her television persona and humorously turned the tables on it.I also met Lassie’s mom that day.

  3. Hey…I’d wear it. It’s adorable. What’s wrong with looking feminine? People know I’m not June Cleaver.Someone gave me a whole apron (you know, tie around the neck, cover your chest and another tie at the waist, then covers from waist to knees) as a wedding gift, and I use it all the time. It’s red with some green on it and almost looks Christmassy, but it’s the most useful thing. Unfortunately, it’s all I’ve got to use when I’m hosting dinners at the house and it’s starting to look a little faded. If I had a new, cute one, I’d definitely wear it!

  4. I bought a few 1950s aprons at a thrift shop a few years ago because I thought they were really retro and cute, but I don’t know where they are now. This one is just too cute not to have on hand for a dinner party.

  5. No lie — my mother had some aprons in the late 1950s that were just for wearing while entertaining. They were of fabrics like net with sequins and velvet … nothing you would dare actually cook in. It was like an apron wardrobe. Of course, by the time I came along in the mid 1960s, she had taken to the practical cotton aprons. Who wants an apron you might have to dry clean??

  6. Yeah, that’s the kind of apron I want. One that I could go and buy some food from a restaurant, come back home and arrange it like I cooked it, and then put on my cute apron and say “Dinner’s ready.” ha ha

  7. I fortunately inherited my grandmother’s assortment of aprons. Just looking at them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Unfortunately, I also feel hungry, because I don’t cook. I have a husband who thinks he’s better in the kitchen, so I let him do all the work.Have you noticed, though, that the only aprons you can find these days are chef’s aprons? They even come in camo patterns!

  8. I have noticed a number of “Kiss the Cook” aprons and such, but I think you are right. Men are the only ones wearing aprons these days. Maybe it truly is a reflection of how our culture has changed. I still want this one though.

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