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Trends: "Suspiria" wallpaper in; country ducks out

wallpaperRemember how back in the 1980s, every house had wallpaper and border that ran around the top with apples or country ducks or hunting dogs or bunny rabbits or drunk roller-skating clowns or something cheesy printed on it?

It may be news to some that wallpaper and borders met their demise sometime in the 1990s when most modern decorators began painting walls instead. But depending on how out-of-style you are, you may actually be in-style when it comes to wallpaper, because a retro wallpaper revival is occurring. If you put expensive wallpaper in your home in the 1960s and 1970s and never bothered to change it, you just went from lame to hip, because it’s back and bold.

wallpaper2Most of the trend Web sites I visit show that the latest in modern home decor is graphic wallpaper. I call it “Suspiria” wallpaper, because the decor in that 1977 film classic aptly captures what I am trying to describe. Wallpaper From the 70s offers a number of vibrant unusual designs and colors that will make an artistic statement in your home.

Mural wallpaper is also back. The company Walnut Wallpaper offers several natural selections, like trees, birds and leaves. And Target, a store that should be commended for offering cutting-edge clothing and products to people on a budget, now has its own line of graphic wallpaper and digital wall murals. Check out Stylehive, one of my favorite Web sites, for more wallpaper trends.

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  1. Say it ain’t so!! I HATE wallpaper. It’s such a chore to put up and take down. Fortunately, some of the same prints in the hot new wallpapers are also available in home accessories like curtains and throw pillows. I really like the new brown/blue prints. It’s so retro, but has staying power, IMO. It’s on my radar for my soon-to-be-redecorated guest room. 😉

  2. Yeah, this modern wallpaper also kind of reminds me a little of “The Shining” hotel, but some of it is pretty cool. I’m impressed that Target has it. They never fail to impress me by staying so cutting edge.

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