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You can plant a greeting card?

cardDid you know you can plant a greeting card? Who’d have thunk it? Check out these cool cards from Round Robin Press with wildflower seeds embedded in the recycled paper. The art printed on the cards is designed by artist Shannon Lowry.

“I use birds as my primary representative because, for me, they conjure up a sense of peace and joy,” Lowry says on her site. “My hope is to create art that is easy on the eye and good to the heart, art that creates space and instills a sense of calm in a world of chaos.”

For $20, you get four cards, but you’re potentially giving away a garden. You can buy them at Etsy. For more eco-style products, check out the Fabulously Green blog.

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  1. They ought to come in patterns, like a cross, or a dove or something. You could put them at gravesites. Or, if you wanted to spice up your flowerbed at home, plant the letters of your last name (in the back yard, of course…this could inch pretty high on the cheese-meter if you get carried away).From a more practical standpoint, imagine big sheets of this stuff, like carpet, with grass seeds. You could green up a whole yard. 🙂

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