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The unicycle-riding banana

bananaI generally write about popular culture, so this is a little off subject, but as I was coming home from the bookstore today, I saw something yellow coming down the sidewalk near my apartment complex.

As I approached it in my vehicle, I noticed that among the other walkers and bikers out enjoying a beautiful sunny Mississippi day was a banana on a unicycle. Yes, a banana on a unicycle.

Now, I can understand how it might not be highly unusual to see someone riding a unicycle down a sidewalk (or multi-purpose trail as it is known), and how it’s really not out of the ordinary to see a banana at your local supermarket. But a banana on a unicycle? Come on – that’s like Haley’s comet. Seventy-five years may pass, and I will likely never see another unicycle-riding banana.

Funny thing is, this is not New York City or Los Angeles where you’d expect to see a banana on a unicycle. This is a fairly conservative suburb of Mississippi where bananas on unicycles are few and far between.

Anyway, I just thought I would post this experience because it truly did brighten my day, and I hope more people follow the banana’s lead. I mean, wouldn’t it be pretty cool to randomly see a costumed bear playing basketball or an apple picking up trash on the side of the highway?

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  1. I bet that was something. I remember when I first moved to ‘the big city’ from Hattiesburg, it was exciting to see a cop riding down the street on a horse.

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