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Flushing $150 down the toilet

a3e2d-toiletpaper2A company called Renova Colors is selling vibrantly colored toilet paper for those who want to make a bold statement in their bathroom.The concept isn’t really new. You can buy pastel toilet paper in stores now, but this paper comes in bright green, orange and black. It’s unique, but something about it just seems wrong.

I initially wondered what the dye used would do to the environment, but a quick Internet search reveals The Chicago Tribune did a story on the toilet paper this week. They say the international sales of Renova toilet paper tripled from 2005 to 2006, and company owners say the paper is environmentally safe.

5bb90-toiletpaperIn the article, an EPA spokesperson said there are many environmentally friendly, biodegradable dyes in existence today, unlike 30 years ago.

So if the dyes are safe, I guess the toilet paper can’t be “wrong,” unless, of course, you look at the price – a case of 45 rolls cost $150. I guess you could use them for birthday party streamers if you wanted, but $150 seems pretty steep for those as well.

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