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Film review: ‘Children of Men’

9808f-70044903For some reason, science fiction movies and stories set in England just seem a little more creepy. Maybe it’s because Europe is across the pond, and Americans just aren’t as familiar with it. Sometimes sci-fi movies set in the U.S. seem a little over the top and unbelievable, but I’m somehow able to buy that a virus can wipe out most of London and turn the remaining survivors into the walking dead.

That is the plot of “28 Days Later,” one of the creepiest sci-fi/horror films in years, and “Children of Men,” another recently released sci-fi film set in England that depicts a dystopian futuristic society, shares similarities.

In the future, the world becomes a very violent place, and for some reason that’s never clearly explained, women are no longer able to have children. The last child was born 18 years ago, but something miraculous has happened. A woman has become pregnant, and Clive Owen is willing to risk his life to help her and the baby survive.

It’s a film you’ll probably have to watch more that once to really understand, and it has a few unavoidable plot holes, like the reason for infertilization. We are left to speculate the cause – is it government sterilization, something in the water or is it a spiritual element of the apocalypse?

Owen is great, and it’s the first movie I’ve seen in perhaps forever that Julianne Moore isn’t completely horrible in. The other characters are a bit unremarkable. The film could have been more effectively put together, but it stands out as one of the most interesting films released lately.

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