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Film review: Jackson is ‘The Miracle Worker’ of ‘Black Snake Moan’

7b9dd-blacksnakemoanI couldn’t help but think about the Helen Keller story “The Miracle Worker” when I watched “Black Snake Moan” this weekend. There’s a scene where Christina Ricci is sitting on Samuel L. Jackson’s porch chomping corn off a cob and scarfing down a plate of country food that is very reminiscent of Patty Duke’s eating style prior to her Anne Bancroft-initiated transformation.

And Jackson, in this movie, is a miracle worker. He takes a half-dressed, emotionally disturbed girl he finds lying in the middle of a dirt road who is quite possibly too trashy for the Jerry Springer show and restrains her, breaking her of her wicked ways.

Ricci, Jackson and Justin Timberlake, who may be the only Mickey Mouse Club grad/pop star that has been able make a successful transition to film, all give great performances.

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  1. My girlfriend and I watched this movie together. Guess we were expecting something different b/c we were both disappointed.

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