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Americans are pet crazy

a7d9a-dogyodaI realize Halloween is over, and I should probably stop posting Halloween-related items, but if the following isn’t chuckle-inducing, then you should really “get yourself seen about.”

It’s a known fact that Americans are pet crazy these days, spending more money than ever before on their furry friends ($41 billion). Business Week did a story on the “Pet Economy” in August, and one of the strangest pet products they ran across wasn’t the Yoda Halloween costume at left. It was Neuticles, a testicular implant that lets people restore their pets anatomical preciseness after neutering, so the dog, I guess, won’t feel embarrassed that his doghood has been removed.

To learn more about pet industry trends, watch the Business Week slideshow. To see more humorous Halloween pet costumes, visit

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Image from Target.




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