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Translating the nation’s top five singles

It’s time, once again, to translate the lyrics of the top five singles on The Billboard Hot 100 chart. Again, I don’t really intend to make a moral judgment about the lyrics, even though some I’ve analyzed before undoubtedly warrant parental advisory stickers. My interest stems more from a desire to productively channel sarcasm.

92ca3-chrisexclusiveI caught Chris Brown’s VMA performance while watching Britney’s MTV “comeback” in September, and he gave the most energetic of the night, earning an A for effort.

In Kiss Kiss, featuring T-Pain, Brown raps about a shapely girl he finds attractive, and he believes she feels the same about him. Brown says he’s a Virginia country boy with money and an expensive car. T-Pain says he’s flirting with a woman because she’s attractive, but would not if he found her unappealing. Then he tells the girl he has money and invites her to join him at McDonald’s, a modest restaurant choice for T-Pain, who earlier described himself as “king of the town.

8b4df-onerepublicApologize: The song performed by OneRepublic, featuring Timbaland, is about a man who has been hanging on in a relationship he now realizes is over, and no apology the woman offers will fix things this time.

a01a3-souljaboyCrank that: The video helped me understand that the song refers to a dance. According to Billboard, DeAndre Way, also known as Soulja Boy, was born in Chicago, later moved to Atlanta, but went to live with his father in Batesville, Miss., when he was 14. He made connections in Mississippi, and his father provided a recording studio. The Internet played a major role in launching his career.

38b3c-aliciaNo one: Alicia Keys sings about being hopeful and positive that she and her current love will stay together and that no one can separate them.

Bubbly: Colbie Caillat expresses excitement about being in love with a bubbly face man.

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