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I met my daddy on Maury

It’s funny, but sometimes you can tell what’s going on in pop culture by looking at baby onesies.

Earlier this week, we did a story about High-Tech Tots and reported that they’re making baby onesies and T-shirts featuring the iPhone and iPod. And another previous post talked about the “What happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s,” baby clothes.

Today, while reading the Best Week Ever pop culture website, I ran across a blog entry about onesies they’re selling on the Maury Povich site.

As anyone who has watched Maury knows, most of his shows seem to revolve around determining the paternity of children raised by mothers who – after testing five, six, and sometimes even 10 different men – are still unsure about the father of their child.

So now they have a onesie that reads “I met my daddy on Maury” and T-shirts for adults that echo Maury’s catch phrase after the DNA paternity results have been analyzed – “You are NOT the father.” The onesies cost $14.95.



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