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The mysterious wizard

56ca1-wizardAs I was driving home from work the other day, I saw a wizard on the side of the road.

Well, maybe he wasn’t a wizard. I’m not exactly sure. Perhaps he was Father Time. I’m just not positive. But he was wearing a long purple robe, a pointy matching hat and a long white beard.

Without the pointy hat, I might have pegged him as a religious figure or homeless person, but the pointy hat seemed to scream wizardry.

I do not know why he was there. I assumed he was promoting something, but he was on the opposite side of the road standing in front of a fenced apartment complex. Jovial and waving at the oncoming traffic, he appeared to be trying to attract attention to something, but like I said, he was not near a business, so I have no clue where or to what I was supposed to be lured.

I have seen wizards, pirates and other characters on the side of the road, but they generally appear in October when the costume stores are hocking merchandise. So since it’s March, I’m not sure why the wizard was on County Line Road. I mean. A leprechaun? Sure. But not a wizard. Nevertheless, I waved at him, as I do all costumed characters that wave at me.

Perhaps he was a sign that something magical is about to happen in my life. Perhaps I was the only one who saw the wizard. Who knows? I sometimes try to give interesting sightings meaning, like the time I was leaving the mall and saw a box of plastic forks scattered all over Wheatley Street near Cozumel, the Mexican restaurant. I mean, what else could that mean except I’d reached a fork in the road, or in this case, many forks?

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  1. As we grow older, we find many “forks” in the road and many magical moments. Sometimes we don’t realize it at the time but there is a plan out there for each of us and I feel the “forks” and “wizards” kinda make us step back and look for it.

  2. The banana was trying to tell you not to slip up in a single-minded way. Who knows?He’s probably just crazy and likes going around in a banana suit riding a unicycle. Maybe it’s the same guy. He changed costumes.

  3. That’s the kind of crazy person I want to be – a crazy person who wears various costumes. My family could just call me “eccentric.”

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