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My beautiful little bird

c9ba2-birdbFirst there was the unicycle-riding banana, then the forks in the road (or plastic forks scattered on the ground), and let’s not forget the mysterious wizard. Now a bird has taken up residence on my porch, and I believe it must also be a sign.

I discovered it one morning when I went outside to sit on my balcony. I was talking on my cell phone, and when I turned around, there was a bird two feet from me sitting in a dried up flower pot.

At first, I thought it couldn’t be real. Why didn’t it fly away? I was sitting right beside it and staring right at it. Then I realized she was nesting and wasn’t about to leave her babies.

So now I stand at the door and watch her every day. It’s a nice gift to be able to watch a wild creature so closely, and pretty soon they’ll be more than one. I looked her up online, and apparently she’s a mourning dove who is expected to lay two eggs if she hasn’t already. And she supposedly has a monogamous mate, who I have yet to meet. I’ve named her Abigail.

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  1. God’s creatures are marvelous. I’m sure it is a sign of the greatness of life and the opening of doors for you. It’s the time of year to believe in miracles. The world seems to be coming awake after sleeping during the winter and surprises wait around the corner. Abigail is a lucky little creature to find such a nice warm home for her babies and a human who understands her.

  2. I love the bird story. It reminds me of my sweet Aunt Mary who passed away. She loved birds and watching them. She tried to identify them. This story reminds me when not to long ago we had a bird in our garage who wouldn’t leave. I tried to get him to leave so I could shut the door for the night…but he would fly around and come right back to his spot…a little later a storm came up out of nowhere and I believe he knew the weather was coming and was trying to stay safe. God does love and protect his creatures.

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