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Right on Target

f3f48-dress2I just got photos of Isaac Mizrahi’s new Tar7113e-dress3get collection, and once again, they have some cute stuff. Here’s my three top picks.

The denim halter dress in navy for $34.99. The leaf-print shift dress in black and white for $34.99. And the printed V-neck dress in pink and gold for $44.99.

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  1. wow, youre right — really cute stuff. i’ll have to stop by there soon.btw, i just found your blog through blogcatalog — i’m a pop culture blogger also (a little different focus & based in nyc) but im psyched to find a like mind & am bookmarking you for sure! take care. 🙂

  2. Cool. I just bought the black and white dress you see pictured there. They made them a little longer for real people, and I’m glad.

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