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Little bird safe after storm

c9ba2-birdbI was so worried about my little bird today.

As usual, another tornado blew its way through the area doing damage, and when I saw the gray clouds and strong winds blowing outside the window, I started worrying about my little bird.

I was sure I was going to come home and find the flower pot that she’s residing in blown over, eggs smashed and all. And if I had, after spending an hour on the road trying to slowly make it back to my apartment with rain pouring down and traffic lights knocked out, I was sure the sight of such would make me lose all faith.

Luckily the flower pot was heavy enough to withstand the storm, and my little bird was still sitting on her nest. She ruffled her feathers to shake off the rain, but she wasn’t about to let a tornado keep her from her babies. Mother Nature is on her side.

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  1. Your little bird was watched over by someone higher than you and I. She (and you) can suffer through many storms and still come out with laughter and love on your side. If we all had the faith and will to survive and protect each other as this tiny creature does, think what a great world this would be…………..

  2. Thanks so much. Me too. I drove around working on a story about storm recovery efforts today. This area was hard hit by Friday’s tornado, and many are still without power. I saw a house today with a gigantic hole in the roof and uprooted trees everywhere. My bird and I were lucky.

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