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Popularity of wine-tastings on the rise

4dfbd-wines3For some, learning about wine can be a little intimidating, but local experts say don’t be afraid to try new things.

In recent years, wine-tasting events have become more popular in the state. To learn more about wine and read recommendations from a Jackson sommelier, click here.

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  1. i just went to my first real-deal tasting event 2 weeks ago and had a great time… a couple guys in brooklyn rented out their huge loft to a shop that’s currently promoting a good handful of small french wineries, and hosted them in nyc for a bunch of tasting events all week. i found 2 wines (a white & a red) that i’m going to definitely purchase again. it was quite a great learning experience, so im really not surprised its a trend that’s catching on!!

  2. I went to the Sante South Wine Festival a couple of years ago, and it was a lot of fun. People interested in learning more about wine and wine preferences should check out events like that because you are able to sample so many wines at once. I learned that I prefer white wine.

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