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The black dog

fbd9a-blackdogToday, as I drove home from the Japanese restaurant over the reservoir, I noticed a black lab in the back of a black Chevrolet Silverado wearing an orange collar. As his owner drove, he ran back and forth on each side of the truck, stepping up and sticking his head out on each side to feel the cool breeze.

His movement was repetitive. Over and over again, he moved to the left, then to the right. I guess he thought the wind felt better hitting his face the first time, so instead of standing still, he ran from side to side, creating a pause, before sticking his neck out into the air again.

It was a funny sight, and since I have a habit of attaching meaning to the things I see, or stopping to ponder the possibilities of signs, I drove contemplating what the wind-loving black dog was trying to tell me. His movement was hypnotizing, like the swaying of a pocket watch held by a stereotypical psychiatrist. It reminded me of a clock pendulum, but I wasn’t sure that it was meant to convey the passage of time, something that is always on my mind.

Today, it seemed more like the dog was meant to illustrate that you can sometimes be happy doing the repetitive. Perhaps you’ve been in the same place a while or same job, but potential happiness exists even if you are sometimes overwhelmed by boredom. In a sense, the dog may have been telling me to “be present” and satisfied living in the present tense, or he could have been trying to convey that “sticking your neck out can sometimes be fun.”

Whatever the message, I watched him run back and forth in the back of the truck, catching wind with his face at each pause, until the truck drove over the water and out of sight.

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  1. Hey there! Just found your blog again, as I found my Google reader, and noticed a recent entry that was funny. I had a Golden retriever that would spin counter clockwise whenever excited. I don’t know if the black lab was telling you anything, because a lot of those water dogs have some weird sort of OCD traits bred into them. Hope all is well your way….cg

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