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The M-Files: Mississippi UFOs

M-files3When we asked readers if they had ever seen an unidentified flying object, we received many responses, and a number were from individuals who wanted to remain anonymous, fearing they would face ridicule if they came forward with their unexplained sighting.

One of the interesting things about these folks is that they all seemed like credible, well-respected professionals, who thought telling their story would damage their credibility, like the radio reporter who saw a mysterious light in the Gautier sky a few years ago. It moved rapidly — faster than anything she’d ever seen — then suddenly stopped and remained still a minute and a half before darting back across the sky in the same direction from which it came.

Another man wrote to say that, in September of 1973, he was living in Germany on an Air Force base with other military personnel when he and about 10 to 20 others who were outside on their balconies spotted a large triangular object that moved from the southern horizon to the northern horizon in about three minutes. It was brightly lit, made no sound and didn’t appear to be man-made.

He said over the years, he has noticed that people who see mysterious things that they cannot explain react in strange ways. Many deny the evidence of their own senses, because they know they might face ridicule. Others begin to introspectively question their once-held worldview.

One of those changed by her sighting is a schoolteacher, who, in 1969, saw an oval object with green, gold, red and blue lights hovering in the sky about 20 to 30 feet above a telephone pole. Suddenly, it disappeared. She said she didn’t know if it was a craft that has been developed in our world that we just don’t know about, or something else, but she felt special having experienced the sighting.

She also felt it justified her belief that life might exist outside of our own blue ball. It was a defining moment in her life that made her question whether God might have created others before or after he created humanity.

I also noticed a few interesting things while reading more than 250 Mississippi UFO reports on the National UFO Reporting Center Web site. Within the reports, which included sightings from 1949 to present day, I saw a few recurring themes.

While many reported seeing traditional saucer-shaped disks, about five other nontraditional, yet common, sightings emerged.

They are: * Objects or crafts with similar colored lights — green, red, blue and yellow.

* Brightly glowing orbs that are initially mistaken for the moon. Some move in zig-zag patterns.

* Triangular crafts that are typically black, silent and hover above trees.

* Fireballs that are usually green, fall from the sky and light up an area.

* Cigar-shaped, metallic tubes or cylindrical objects with no wings that hover. Those interested in finding an answer can rest assured that the truth is out there, but it remains debatable.

There are a number of UFO skeptic Web sites like and that may offer legitimate explanations for some of the sightings. And there are many sites like that attempt to offer proof that UFOs exist.

One thing is for certain — there is something thrilling about the unexplained. We live in a mysterious world with much more to learn scientifically, and we’re a long way from understanding all its mysteries. That means there’s bound to be more M-Files in the future. To read our M-Files story, click here.

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