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New iPhone apps

9382f-burgerI recently dowloaded three new iPhone applications. For those familiar with the humor of LOL Cats, you’ll be glad to learn there’s an I Can Has Cheezburger app that enables you to view “capshuned” photos at your convenience.

Classics is an app that opens to reveal a bookshelf filled with Alice in Wonderland, Call of the Wild, Robinson Crusoe, The Jungle Book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Paradise Lost and other classic novels.

64617-booksJust click on your book of choice and view it on your iPhone. It actually looks like you are turning a page, and when you leave your book to check out another application, a red bookmark appears to save your place. I’ve begun reading The Time Machine.

I also added Phone Flix, an app that lets you handle your Netflix cue. Hopefully,An American Crime, starring Catherine Keener and Ellen Page is in my mailbox.

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