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Translating the nation’s top songs

It’s time, once again, to translate the top five singles on The Billboard Hot 100 chart. Again, I don’t intend to make a moral judgment about the lyrics. My interest stems from a desire to productively channel sarcasm and literary criticize.

af11a-kesha-tik-tokWe R Who We R – Ke$ha conflictingly describes herself as a hot and dangerous wearer of hot pants, eye glitter, ripped stockings and a necklace that bears a Christian symbol. She says being serious gives her a headache.

ba00c-like_a_g6_far_east_Like A G6 – Far East Movement sings about drinking alcoholic beverages while riding in an automobile.

ccd11-bruno_mars-just_the_way_you_areJust the Way You Are – Bruno Mars sings about the eyes, hair, nails and laugh of a beautiful (and obviously insecure) girl, who he daily reassures by telling her she’s amazing and perfect.

8b0c7-rihanna-only-girl-in-the-worldOnly Girl (In the World) – Rihanna, perhaps out of jealousy or a desire to annihilate all other females on the planet, sings that she wants her boyfriend to make her feel like she’s the only girl in the world.

ac8cc-nelly-just-a-dreamJust a Dream – Nelly realizes that he should have proposed to his ex-girlfriend, who is now with another man. Heartbroken, he goes to a club and throws a pity party for himself.

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