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App-etite for technology

Here are a few apps I’ve downloaded this year. Some have proved useful; others I may eventually delete.

c6370-thumbnailEvernote – This notetaking tool helps you index, organize and retrieve notes and memos. Many have given it rave reviews, but others like myself have been hesitant about using it because it requires a login and appears to post your information to its online site. Because of privacy concerns, it will be a while before I feel comfortable letting this program store my thoughts.

bbe4e-thumbnailSiri Siri is described as “your virtual personal assistant.” If you’re on the go and want to call a cab or locate a certain restaurant, type in your desire or speak it aloud, and Siri will assist. The screen format is well designed, but I haven’t found the app to be any more useful than Google.

ec351-thumbnailTrulia – This is a handy app if you’re looking to purchase a home. As a companion to the Trulia real estate website, it detects where you are if you happen to be driving around neighborhoods looking at homes. It displays those for sale around you while providing photo galleries and other information. It also enables you to specifically search for homes with recently reduced prices.

1d58e-autostitchiphoneAutoStitch – This app enables you to take a series of pictures and stitch them together to create one panoramic shot.

c1974-pg_logo_mast_dollarPriceGrabberPriceGrabber lets you scan barcodes to find information about products and the lowest prices online. I’ve used it in stores to quickly find and read product reviews before making purchases. I’ve also tried using RedLaser to scan barcodes. It sometimes works, but the app never seems to provide any prices or information about the products.

11765-police-scanner-iphone-app-208x300Police Scanner – One of my friends, a cops reporter, told me about this app that turns your iPhone into a police scanner radio. Download it and search for your state. It will show you what law enforcement agencies are available, and you can select from the list and listen.

4659a-img-0005-thumbVoice Memos – I recently used this app to record a journalism interview and was very impressed that it can easily record more than an hour of conversation at a time and produces good quality audio. If you download the free audio editing program, Audacity, you can edit files and create a podcast or NPR-style story.

1ea5f-180px-imdb_logo-svgIMDb – Got a question about a movie, television show or actor? Type in the name, and you’ll get an endless amount of information on the spot thanks to this app, a companion to The Internet Movie Database website.

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