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The Yoda Bat – Cute, he is

I often have the sneaking suspicion that aliens may live among us, and I think the recent discovery of the Yoda Bat confirms this.

I just clicked on an NPR link that took me to the National Geographic website where the 10 Weirdest New Animals of 2010 were featured.

a34dc-papua-new-guinea-new-species-bat_27185_600x450The Yoda Bat was perhaps the most adorable of the 10 with his pointy green ears and nose, but Yoda wasn’t the first creature that came to mind when I saw his funny face. To me, he bears a striking resemblance to The Neverending Story creature and 3555a-falkora Star Wars tauntaun.

f1318-star-wars-tauntaunI thought I might be alone with these thoughts until I saw other NPR commenters say the same. Some comments were rather hilarious.

My favorite reaction to the Yoda Bat was, “OH. HELL. YES,” followed by, “Cute, he is,” and, “OK, to all of us bent on destroying the planet, how can you honestly look into the loving eyes of the Yoda Bat and not want to live with the land? Seriously, this bat fills me with such joy!”

dcabe-kevin_bacon6acfe-google-tv-kevin-baconI also may be the only person who thinks this, but for some reason, I feel Yoda Bat shares similar features with Kevin Bacon, which is strange, because I think Kevin Bacon is handsome. Perhaps instead he resembles Kevin Bacon portraying the Kevin Bacon fanatic with the prosthetic nose in that new keyboard commercial.

Yoda Bat was found in Papua New Guinea. While searching the world, scientists also found a weird monkey who looks like the victim of a plastic surgery mishap. Most of his nose is missing. Sadly, because local hunters murdered him (not knowing he might have been the ONLY noseless monkey on the planet and all) they don’t have a live specimen.

A fish with hands and a feminist lizard were also found. The all-female lizard species is so evolutionarily modern and independent they don’t need a man to reproduce. They can clone themselves. (Z-snap.)

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