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E-lec-tron-ic Santa’s going to crash your Christmas party

2f900-1952094596_ad2ca92be6_mThere’s 16 days left before Santa comes to town, and you still haven’t gotten in the Christmas spirit? This year, it’s easier than ever because of all the free music downloads you can find online.

f1096-1188048010Last week, I saw a Target commercial with a robot dancing in front of a Christmas tree. He was singing “E-lec-tron-ic Santa Claus,” and I wanted to know if it was actually a song. I searched YouTube for the video and found a link to Target’s free holiday album The Christmas Gig featuring 14 original and modern Christmas songs sure to bring cheer.

The Electronic Santa song by Blazer Force is a dance track with a Santa robot that will “rock your body,” knows you’re nice and naughty and plans to crash your Christmas party.

9f9fc-1158743010Equally cool is the hip-hop track Toy Jackpot by Blackalicious written from the perspective of an excited child on Christmas morning.

A Facebook friend also posted a link to Paste Magazine with more free Christmas music to download.

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