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Get Frozen

7498d-frozenIf you’re at home anticipating snow, sleet or icy roads and looking for a good movie to pass the time that is appropriately titled and themed, check out Frozen.

Thriller fans will probably enjoy this tension-filled 2010 film written and directed by David Green that Netflix users have given three stars, a pretty high rating for films of the thriller/horror genre. Influenced by that rating, I decided to instantly watch it last night.

Three young adults go to a New England ski lodge, and things are pretty uneventful until they are the last to leave. After begging the ski lift operator for a ride back down, he sends them on their way, but soon leaves abruptly to handle a paycheck issue, turning the lift over to a replacement who doesn’t understand that the three are still on it.

d9d16-frozen1When he shuts the lift down and closes shop, the trio becomes stuck mid-air in freezing temperatures. Thinking it could be a week before the ski resort reopens, they must decide to succumb to their fate or attempt to save themselves.

Well-executed nature thrillers like this, instead of ghosts and the supernatural, generally scare me most because they play on realistic fears. Cujo (1983), one of Stephen King’s better adaptions, in my opinion; and Open Water (2004) are a couple of examples that spring to mind.

In Frozen, actors Emma Bell, Kevin Zegers and Shawn Ashmore, must not only find a way to escape the lift chair high above the tree tops; they must keep from becoming prey for the wolves below.

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