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P!$$@d Off Pansies

b18d4-pansiesIn Mississippi, one day it’s warm, birds are singing and you’re wearing flip flops and shorts outside (even in winter), and the next day it’s snowing and you’re snuggled under an electric blanket sipping hot cocoa. That’s why, for the past couple of years, the state’s bi-polar weather has made me ponder pansies.

You know – those colorful little flowers with funny faces that always seem to leer at you with contempt when you stroll by a pretty patch. Generally, pansies pop their little heads up when the weather turns warm, but because the temperature here is so inconsistent, it has made me wonder if they think they’ve been fooled when it snows a few days after they have risen from the ground.

You can see the disgust all over their little faces, which always look a little (and I will use characters) p!$$@d off. I think that’s exactly what these Mississippi flowers are – PO Pansies – angry that they came out to enjoy the sunny spring weather too soon and were met with freezing temperatures that chill their tiny petals.

That made me wonder if all pansies are as p!$$@d 0ff as Mississippi pansies, and after a quick Google search, I believe the answer is no. (See picture above. Click for larger view.)

See! Pansies that live in consistent climates actually have smiling faces, like this one born in California!

Hang in their little guys. Spring is on its way.

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