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Turkey Day thriller menu

It’s been a while since I’ve written a column about some of the better horror/thrillers I’ve seen in the past year. I meant to get that out by Halloween, but maybe you can watch one on Turkey Day instead. Since I recently got an iPad and have been watching more movies via Netflix, I thought now would be a good time to add to that list.

bfd05-perfecthostThe Perfect Host (2010) – I gave this movie a shot because David Hyde Pierce, of Frazier fame, is a solid actor. I found a quirky, comedic thriller about a career criminal on a mission to help his ailing girlfriend who finds himself in a tricky situation when he discovers that his victim is psychologically deranged

The Ward (2011) – Wes Craven, the man behind Freddy Kruger, tells a story that unfolds with a surprising conclusion. In it, we meet a girl who has just burned down an old farm house and is carted off to a mental ward where strange things are happening to the other girls who reside there.

Lunopolis (2009) – If you’re a sci-fi fan, you will probably want to check out this movie that is “Roswell meets Scientology meets the Discovery Channel.” It’s about moon people and time travel all sewn together pretty convincingly documentary-style. Think Blair Witch with aliens, but better.

A Lure (2010) – I didn’t have very high expectations for this B movie, but the performances were pretty good, and the movie unexpectedly takes you into the same realm as Hostel, (but not as violent), where the rich pay a big price to witness violence.

ed8b9-bleedinghouseThe Bleeding House (2011) – When a stranger comes to the door and interrupts a family that already has its share of problems, things escalate pretty quickly. I was almost thrown off by the fake Southern accent of the visitor, but the Katie Holmes look-alike character in this movie was an interesting creation.

Blood River (2009) – This is another B movie that I didn’t have very high hopes for, but thought it turned out pretty good. A couple traveling cross country meet a mysterious figure with a lot of religious philosophies. Is he the devil or an angel? You have to decide. I liked that the movie was open to interpretation, but there were some elements that were not as succinctly connected as I thought should have been. Despite that, it was mysterious. And I have to give credit to the lead actor who had to handle a lot of dialogue.

7c912-redstateRed State (2011) – John Goodman stars in this film about three teenage boys who go on a sexcapade and are kidnapped by a religious cult. This movie is filled with a lot of surprising twists and turns, and attempts to offer a message about liberty.

Case 39 (2009) – As far as creepy kid genre movies go, this one is pretty good. It doesn’t beat The Orphan, and it’s pretty much a recreation of The Ring, but it wasn’t terrible.

The Last Exorcism (2010) – Figured this would be a regurgitation of The Exorcist, but the fact that the exorcism is being conducted by a self-described charlatan, and the audience is aware of this from the beginning, helps create suspense. The ending could have been better

Hurt (2008) – Another evil kid movie worth watching.

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