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58cca-pinterest3Chances are you Facebook, you Tweet, but do you Pin?

As, a visual bookmarking site that launched in March of 2010, continues to grow, an increasing number of Mississippians are describing it with the words “addictive” and “obsession.”

Users pin images that are linked to other websites, sharing everything from craft and décor ideas to wisdom, travel and food pins on boards they create.

“As long as you see an image on a page, you can pin it,” said Shawn Rossi. “Users can pin anything, from family photos to business presentations.”

Rossi collects her future Pinterest projects on a “To-Do List” board.

“We just bought a 1983 Prowler travel trailer from the ’80s, and we’re going to renovate it,” she said, recalling one of the ideas she found on the site.

Natchez resident Shannon Jex compares the site to a SkyMall flight catalog

“There are a million products in that little magazine,” she said. “Few of them have anything to do with one another, but you find yourself wanting one of each. I draw this comparison because your dashboard of Pinterest is a collection of random items, many of which have little relation to one another, but are all inspiring in some way.

Jex recently cooked her way through her Foodie board, making every recipe on it in a month’s span.

“I think many of my friends agree that if you aren’t married, you have a board titled ‘Future Wedding.’ If you are married, but don’t have kids, you now have a board titled ‘For My Future Kids,’ and if you are like me and are married with one child, you probably have two boards —’Things For My Baby’ and ‘Things For My Future Kids.’

“You can apply this same logic to homes/future homes, future bodies, future resolutions, future boyfriends, etc. The possibilities with Pinterest are pretty much endless. I also love when I create something that I haven’t seen online, blog about it, pin it and see other people repin it. It makes my day. Pinterest has given me a new sense of accomplishment. Too bad it has stolen many, many hours of my life.”

Melonie Manning used to site to help renovate her first house.

“After hearing so much talk about (Pinterest), I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about,” she said. “My husband and I had just bought our first house a couple of months before. It’s an older house with a lot of charm, and the website has given me many ‘do-it-myself’ decorating tips and projects to keep busy with as we have settled in.”

She has created recipe, fashion, home decor and craft boards.

“I have tried a few crock pot recipes and found a couple of winners,” she said. “I also gave a marshmallow fondant recipe a whirl for a baby shower I threw this weekend. I have hoarded all the empty jars from my son’s baby foods. I plan on spray painting some old frames that I snagged from thrift stores and my Grandma’s house a funky color and using some type of wire to dangle the jars from the frames to create some T-light chandeliers.”

She also converted an old coffee table into a bench.

“It’s kind of become my dog’s perch/watch tower,” she said.

Corinth resident Michael H. Miller said he follows 200 friends on Pinterest, and he has created several different boards, including one called ‘Things I Want.’

“It’s the board if I won the lottery,” he said. “It’s the things I would get, like a tree house and a rainfall shower head.”

He also gets photo ideas from the site and looks for recipes.

“Whether it’s a photo idea, a concept or something else, the ideas on Pinterest provide the spark to get the creative juices flowing once again,” he said.

Regina Mahaney works out every morning using exercise moves and tips I got from the Fitness Pins.

“I cooked my Thanksgiving and Christmas meals using recipe Pins from the site and made Halloween and Christmas decorations from Pin ideas,” she said. “I am saving money making things I would have purchased . . . but the daily obsession has influenced my visits to Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, and I now have more craft ideas than I could ever do.”

Nancy McMurray joined the site in August. She has about 30 boards and 400 pins so far.

“The boards I have created are: Things I Love, Clothes & Stuff, Christmas Wreaths, Travel, Precious Animals, Great Gardens, Flower Arrangements, Great Quotes, Humorously Funny Quotes, Inspirational Sayings and Scripture,” she said.

Christi Jenkins, a junior at the University of Southern Mississippi is pin obsessed.

“I Pin almost everyday with things I like,” she said. “I’m actually going to try two recipes I saw on the site this weekend. This is a great site and just as addictive as Facebook and Twitter.”

Kristen Sanders Harwell recently created hostess gifts for a joint baby shower inspired by the site. They were bottles of wine wrapped in dishtowels and tied with a bow.

“I looked up the idea and recreated it, and it was a big hit.”

Glenda Bailey and her daughter, Ayla, joined the site in July.

“We have cooked recipes, styled outfits, planned parties, set up photographs and done crafts influenced by Pins on Pinterest,” she said. “We regularly pin items on our own boards so that we can refer back to them when we are in the process of planning something. . . I have sought inspiration from Internet sites for years, but Pinterest helps me keep items I find organized and easy to go back to.”

Tiffany Messer is also a pin addict.

“I have to only get on a few times a week because it sucks you in,” she said.“I learned from some of the posts on Pinterest how to use items I already have, or that are in nature, to decorate my house. It’s totally transformed how I view things. Someone may see junk, but I see a treasure waiting to happen now.”

–LaReeca Rucker, Clarion-Ledger

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