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The vow

3579f-bildeMegan Robinson, 24, and Peter Huwe, 25, met in a Mississippi College chemistry class and, eventually, discovered some chemistry of their own.

On June 30, the couple will tie the knot in Gulfport, and they hope to be $25,000 richer thanks to the E! Online Say Your Vows Wedding Contest – a promotion for the movie The Vow that opens this weekend.

“A couple of weeks ago, I was watching E!, and I saw a commercial for the contest,” Robinson said. “It said write the vow that you would say to your fiance on your wedding day. The next Thursday, I got an email saying that we are one of the finalists out of thousands of entries.”

Peter and Megan are one of five couples vying for cash, a wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, wedding bands, registry gifts and a honeymoon in Los Cabos.

Huwe, who is quadriplegic, broke his neck in 2005 in a diving accident.

Megan’s vow reads in part:

“I have always said, what you lack physically, you make up for 100 times over in character, perseverance and kindness.

“You are exactly what I always prayed for in a husband, and you are the most incredible person I’ve ever known.

“You have been through so much in your lifetime thus far and have handled those life-altering experiences with more grace and strength than I could ever muster. It is so comforting to know that I will have a husband who can handle all the curveballs life has to throw.”

They were college buddies, grabbing coffee and meeting for church services. After graduation, Huwe went to the University of Pennsylvania in his pursuit of a doctorate in biochemistry and molecular biophysics.

The pair talked frequently on the phone.

“One day, I was studying, and he said he wanted to ask me a hypothetical question,” Robinson said. “He asked if someone were to send me plane tickets to Philadelphia for fall break, would I come?”

The answer was yes, and their long-distance relationship blossomed.

Last April, Huwe arranged a date with Robinson at an arboretum.

“I had hired a couple of photographers to follow and take pictures of us throughout the day,” he said. “We finally got to one spot like a little log cabin by the side of the creek, and I pulled out the ring and proposed.”

The answer was “yes” again.

“I knew she was the person I wanted to marry before we started dating,” he said. “She has such a sweet spirit. One day we were talking on the phone, and I just knew she was the one. So I made it happen.

“The first thing that attracted me to her, other than the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, is we were both science people; we’re both Christians; we’re both down-to-earth, and we have so much fun together.

“There has never been an awkward moment between us. We spend all our time just laughing and having fun. Our favorite thing to do is spend time with each other.”

Robinson graduated from Mississippi College in 2010 with a degree in biology and medical science. She moved to Pennsylvania in August to be with Huwe. She works at a doctor’s office and plans to soon pursue a career as a doctor.

Megan’s mother, Susan Robinson of Gulfport, said it must have been fate.

“One of the things she told a friend of hers when she and Peter were just friends was ‘whoever gets to marry Peter Huwe will feel like a queen every day of her life.'” Little did she know when she first said that that she would be the queen.

“He is absolutely amazing. We call him ‘Perfect Peter’ at our house. He’s just the sweetest and kindest person you ever want to meet. He just takes you in. He’s others-oriented. He thinks of others all the time.

Susan Robinson said he’s the perfect match for her daughter, who was popular and outgoing throughout high school.

“She was our sunshine girl from the get-go,” she said. “We adopted her from Korea when she was 4 months old. We had to adopt another child after her because she was such a joy.

“That’s why everyone who knows them is so excited for them. Megan, by herself, is sunshine, but them as a couple is just one big pile of sugary love.”

Susan Robinson said they deserve the grand prize.

“This is an opportunity to bless two people who think about others and never ask anybody for help,” she said.

The winner will be announced on or before Valentine’s Day.

–LaReeca Rucker, Clarion-Ledger

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