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Things you can find for $1

f5e6b-photo28529I have been a thrift shopper all of my life. I love finding discarded treasures, saving things with a story and upcycling because it’s a good way to be economically conservative and green.

I was tickled to find a few things this weekend for a cool dollar. That’s right 1 buck.

My first score was this pair of black Moda boots. At this point, I have become a boot collector, so I was excited to find this pair in my size that look as well or better than some I recently thought of ordering at full price, which would have cost at least 99 more bucks than I paid.

5c7f7-photo28629I also collect vintage aprons and spotted this one with a pretty little umbrella design. It needs a little love, but lucky for me, I sew, so stitching a tie sash at the waist won’t take long to repair.

I keep wishing that someone would discover a trendy way to wear vintage aprons. I have about 10 of them so far, and some are so beautiful, they are begging to get dressed up and go out on the town, rather than sit in a box or even hang in the kitchen. But so far, I have not thought of a way to wear them that would not look odd. Maybe a designer will put them on the runway.

64c80-photo28829Finally, I found a beige cashmere sweater that I intend to put up until next winter. I figure it will look good over a white shirt with a collar, jeans and, perhaps, my new boots.

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