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Crazy costumes for kids

costumes2012b[1]I recently had to research popular costumes for 2012 to write a Halloween feature story. The article talked about costumes for kids and adults, but we didn’t cover babies and pets.

So I thought I’d take this time to show you a few costumes I found on buycostumes.com that made me laugh. I’m not sure if it’s too late to get your baby or dog one of these, but if so, there’s always next year.

Astronaut Baby was one of the cutest choices I came across. If the right movie producer gets a look at this one, I’m sure we will be subjected to a comedy about a baby who crawls away and onto a U.S. spacecraft.

34037He’s then sent up in space with a crew of astronauts who must juggle between making sure they survive the journey and changing dirty diapers. Larry David must write this script.

I’m not really sure why bacon has become a popular Halloween costume in recent years, other than the fact that bacon is a food that is loved by many, but for some reason, this Baby Bacon costume really stood out amongst others.

804128However, I’m not sure it’s very safe. I can see some sort of tragedy occurring if Baby Bacon was left alone with a large family pet.

baby-lil-piggy-costume-zoomI have seen some adorably chunky babies on my Facebook feed lately, and to their parents, I offer this  pig costume. The fatter the baby, the more appropriate it is.

65004ceEveryone knows, or maybe it is just my sneaking suspicion, that Ewoks were introduced during “Return of the Jedi” so that the genius, yet money-hungry, creators of the “Star Wars” franchise would also be able to profit off of little girls, who went to see a Star Wars movie for the first time because it had cute teddy bears. (O.K. I’ll admit it. I was that little girl. I also had an Ewok village.) I guess that’s why I found this costume so cute. Put it on your munchkin, and you can have your very on personal Ewok.

P445699_dtI also couldn’t resist the Koala Kid costume, which is comparably cute to the Ewok costume, and this tree frog, which needs no explanation.

16010-Baby-And-Toddler-Itsy-Bitsy-Spider-Costume-largeLook out! It’s a baby spider.

I’m not sure if any of you remember the viral video of the kid who proclaimed “I like turtles” when a TV reporter asked him about the zombie costume he was wearing one Halloween (Google it), but I bet this kid would have gone nuts over this costume when he was small.

turtle-baby-toddler-costume-infant-6-12-monthsAnd finally, we have the ultimate sock monkey costume, which goes hand in hand with the trend story we did this week about The Evolution of the Sock Monkey. Check it out!


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  1. I'd definitely agree that the fatter the baby, the cuter the baby pig costume would be just like in that picture you included in your blog post!

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