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How will you degrade your dog this Halloween?

While researching costumes for an article this year, I ran across a few interesting pet costumes that I’m sure would satisfactorily humiliate your dog this season.

Bacon-Dog-Costume_29796-lExhibit A. –  Bacon Dog. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not really sure why bacon has become a popular costume for adults, children, babies and pets, but this poor dog has been degraded and brainwashed into believing he’s nothing more than a piece of meat. He should be safe trick-or-treating as long as he has a reflector on his collar and doesn’t get in the path of any larger, hungrier dogs, who mistake him for breakfast food.

raptor-dinosaur-dog-costumeYou have to love Dog Dinosaurs. Doesn’t your “put-him-in-your-purse dog” look much more ferocious wearing the body of a tyrannosaurus or stegosaurus? At least one night out of the year, he can cover his tiny frame and pretend he is a flesh-eating lizard of death before his person paints his toenails pink or makes him wear a lame T-shirt that reads something trite like “Woof!”

Sad Bride is really bumming me out. She reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker in those scenes right after Mr. Big refused to show up at the New York City Public Library for their wedding in the film version of Sex and the City.

Bride-Dog-CostumeSJP beat him in the street with her bouquet of flowers, then her friends whisked her off to a Mexican vacation, where she had a sad expression on her face for days – something like this. I am assuming this dog had a similar experience of some sort, or an arranged marriage planned by her person  did not involve true love.

And finally, this is my favorite pet costume. Your dog couldn’t be any cooler if he dressed like Indiana Jones.

33162Just looking at him in this attire – you know he could wrap his paws around a wooden bridge while gnawing the rope to make it fall and feed the children-stealing mean guys to alligators. There’s no doubt he could pull out a whip and fight Nazis or hunt down aliens and show them whose boss. Indiana Jones Dog is the winner.

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