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I would never ever ever dress like Taylor Swift

blondeToday, is the annual costume contest at work, so I put together something from my closet that appears to be a costume.

I didn’t really want to be a witch again, and I didn’t find a costume in the costume store that appealed to me this year, so I just decided to be a blonde. Being blonde is my costume.

I’ve had people guess that I am everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Betty from Mad Men, and even one of the Flintstones characters. Many, many people today guessed that I was Taylor Swift, but I can assure you that I would never ever ever dress like Taylor Swift. Nothing against her. I’m just a little too old for that. That would be like one of the male editors here dressing like Justin Bieber. Kind of creepy.

Nope. I’m not anyone in particular.  I’m just a blonde, because being blonde is an alter-identity in itself when you have been a lifelong brunette. Any hair color change can make you feel like a different person.

Sienna Miller (who I thought was Naomi Watts) in HBO’s The Girl – a movie about Alfred Hitchock’s abusive obsession with leading lady Tippi Hedron – conveys this during a scene in which Tippi dies her iconic blonde hair red as the movie Marnie begins to wrap. She no longer feels like the same person.

With that thought in mind, maybe I’ll call myself a Hitchcock blonde. Hummm. . . That’s it. That’s my very latent costume theme.

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