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I don’t want to be a snowman

When the temperature drops below 75 degrees, I start to freeze a little, and before long, as the winter progresses, kids start giving me silk hats, corn cob pipes, buttons and coal.

1tightsSo to prevent myself from becoming a snowman, I bring out the tights.

About five years ago, I blogged about how tights had become the new winter staple, quickly followed by leggings – a return likely sparked by the revival of  retro mini and shift dresses from the 1960s.

tightsIf color or design is your thing, you have plenty to choose from at sites like, where you can find a variety of styles. But I have two words for you this season – fleece lined.

You can find durable fleece-lined tights at affordable stores like Rainbow for $7.99 each. I bought four black pair there this past week because I intend to stay warm this winter!

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