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Did you know that The Sexiest Man Alive once lived in Mississippi?

tatumDid you know that The Sexiest Man Alive once lived in Mississippi?

Yep, turns out Channing Tatum, a.k.a. “Magic Mike,” who People magazine just named The Sexiest Man Alive, is a Mississippi boy – at least partially.

The Sun Herald had a story today titled: “From the shores of South Mississippi to the cover of People magazine” about Mr. Tatum, who has risen to stardom in the past year, primarily because millions of women could not resist seeing his portrayal of a stripper in “Magic Mike.” It’s all about the acting, of course.

Here’s a little info about his Mississippi past. The Sun Herald reports that Tatum, who was born in Cullman, Ala., moved to Gautier with his parents, Glenn and Kay Tatum, and sister, Paige, when he was 6. He lived there from about 1986 to 1991. His parents owned a pizza shop.

Tatum grew up near the bayous of the Mississippi River, and Channingtatumunwrapped.com reports that he enjoyed a rural existence in Mississippi that included, “All the rattlesnakes and alligators a boy could possibly chase, fishing every day,” and playing in a football league.

In an interview on wildaboutmovies.com, Tatum says: “I was born in Alabama, raised in the summers by my grandparents, Nana and Papa, in Mississippi, and then my parents decided to move to Mississippi to be closer to my grandparents. I was definitely an outdoors type of boy, getting into trouble all the time. But my Nana would always say to me, ‘Oh, Channing,’ when she knew I was feeding her a line of bull#$%^.”

His Nana didn’t want him playing in the bayous.

“There were (and still are) alligators, rattlesnakes, and Jesus knows what else in those swamps,” he is quoted as saying in the interview. “And I was the one who was always spending as much time as I possibly could down by the bayous, against the advice and, dare I say, orders of my Nana.”

In an interview in Details magazine, he talked about shooting guns in the Mississippi bayou with his dad.

“My dad would throw a beer can into the water and have me shoot at it,” he is quoted as saying. “Once, when I was really little, we had this huge double-barrel shotgun, and when I tried it, it literally blew me off the dock.”

It’s probably hard to get in touch with The Sexiest Man Alive today, but I’ve requested an interview through Tatum’s publicists, hoping to chat with him about his years in Mississippi.

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