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My wreath-making adventure and other hall-decking ideas

I just got finished decorating for fall, and now it’s time to decorate for Christmas, so I decided I needed a wreath for my front door.

I searched Pinterest for wreath-making ideas and and found many creations made from a variety of materials. Here are some that gave me inspiration, and at the end, you can see what I created.

wreath5A Bright Idea – This colorful bulb wreath was first spotted on a blog called Layers of Meaning that also offers other holiday decorating ideas.

wreath2 Pine Comb Wreath – This is simple, but with all the right touches. It is featured in an Internet article on the Better Homes & Gardens website called Creative Christmas Wreaths that offers a few other unique ideas.

wreath9Burlap Wreath – There’s a step-by-step guide with instructions for this one on the Craftaholics Anonymous blog.

wreath10Green Trio – I really like the way that these simple wreaths in descending size are displayed with ribbon on this door. The idea was pinned from a blog called Stina Ballerina.

wreath3A la Natural Wreath – I like how greenery is the only element used on this wreath, and the metal hook at the top is the finishing touch. I found a similar hook this weekend on sale for half price that I used with my wreath. (Pictures are at the end of this post.) This wreath comes from Country Living, which offers 75 holiday decorating tips.

wreath11Here’s another nature-made pine cone wreath with foliage. It was pinned from the Twig and Toadstool blog.

wreath15Going Green – This one inspired the wreath I made. I like that they used variations of one color. From

wreath6Cork Wreath – Drink up and use the refuse corks from your wine bottles to create this wreath.

peppermintCandyland – Glue candies together to create this wreath that comes from a blog called Fudge Ripple.

wreath8Geek Wreath – Use leftover tech parts to create this gift for your loveable nerd this holiday.

wreath14Very Pinteresting – Paint or decorate clothespins and pin them in a circle to create this wreath. This originated on a blog called Superfluous.

wreath12Peace Wreath – Appropriate for the holidays, check out this peace wreath.

wreathEasy Being Green – And finally, here’s the wreath I created. I started with this large green wreath from Fred’s that cost $16. After deciding to keep everything in shades of green, I bought green and silver ornaments. I also added the hook I bought at the top. Here’s what I came up with. (Click to see a large view.)

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