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Decking the deck, bottle tree, door and halls

8I moved into a new rental home several months ago, and became very excited about getting to use Pinterest for decorating ideas. While I’ve implemented some of the things I’ve found on the site inside, the exterior of the house remained on my mind.

Because we’re all individuals, we like to change things around a bit so that the decor suits us. For a while, I’ve wanted to paint the shutters and front door to give the exterior of the home a different look.

2After getting permission from the landlord, I finally managed to get the paint supplies needed, and within a short time, (with the help of a family member), we changed the home’s light blue shutters to dark green.

1The door was also light blue, but I used two different shades of brown to try to make the metal look like wood.

After changing up the color scheme, it was time to begin decorating for Christmas.

3First I started with outdoor lighting, converting my bottle tree into a Christmas tree out front for the holidays with white lights and a star.

4Thanks to Time Out Sports Cafe on Old Canton Road for saving some colored wine bottles for me so that I could completely fill in my bottle tree. (Actually, I need a few more, so I may be coming back, guys.)

6Next, I moved on to the backyard, where I lit my porch and the tree by my deck with white lights. To save money, I stopped by The Salvation Army one day and picked up 10 packs or so of long light strands for $1 and $2 each (after plugging them all in to make sure they worked.) I’ll probably keep the outdoor lighting after the holidays are over. It looks so magical at night.

IMG_3085My next decorating task was buying a cheap spotlight for my front door to shine on the wreath I made. I had to find something to prop it up on, so I found a small, portable wine rack under my carport that was just the right fit. It really illuminates the wreath at night.

IMG_3136The next step was decorating the tree.

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