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How to turn your iPhone into a vintage pay phone or Polaroid camera

cameraChances are, this Christmas, someone you know will be getting an iPhone, and they’ll need a case. Here’s a story we recently ran about some of the unique iPhone cases that are on the market, specifically the website Etsy.

The vintage trend is alive and well here. Check out some of the cases fashioned like obsolete objects of the past.

LaReeca Rucker
The Clarion-Ledger

As we move into the future, almost a decade past Stanley Kubrick’s vision of 2001, our culture has become fascinated by obsolete objects of the past that now hold sentimental and nostalgic value, and that fascination has been directed toward our cell phones.

It’s become hip and ironic to snap on a phone case and turn your modern smart phone into vintage pay phone, your keypad into an old typewriter or your iPhone camera into a Polaroid.

Lisa Russo, of Pennsylvania is a fine art photographer who turns her photos into iPhone cases and sells them in her Etsy shop LisaRussoFineArt.

“The cases came about as simply another medium for sharing my art,” said Russo. “I photograph the things I love — vintage, retro, hip — anything with texture and visual interest. I find those types of images translate nicely to phone cases, which are so ‘modern’ — a nice juxtaposition.”

Luke Holden, of England runs an Etsy shop called NotAScratch engravings that specializes in engraving designs and custom requests onto wooden iPhone 4 and 5 cases.

“People love retro because it reminds them of younger days,” he said.

Madrid resident Isabella Jara sells iPhone and iPad cases through her Etsy shop Kukui2.

“I like using pictures from old retro machines with the latest technology, like cell phones and tablets,” she said. “That is the contrast and paradox that people like.”

Melanie and Valerie Filiatrault, of Montreal sell iPad cases on Etsy in their shop Classic By Nature.

“We have always been huge vintage lovers, which is one of our biggest sources of inspiration,” said Melanie Filiatrault. “In the fashion trends, as well as in home decoration, we tend to observe that in our modern society, some people like us are looking to find unique pieces that bring its own history and will, at the same time, help to create a different and personal style.”

bildeCalifornia resident Sherry Quilty, a full-time artist and mom, creates cases and sells them in her Etsy store TheCuriousCaseLLC.

“If you take a look at today’s fashion, you’ll see the retro vibe is in full effect,” she said. “My retro, vintage-style camera is one of my most popular items. Old is new. New is old.”

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