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Pinteresting Projects – 1, 2, 3 and 4

I have a variety of furniture and decorating projects that I started at home and have not found time to finish them. So I decided this weekend I would devote some time to completing a few. Here they are:

1Table – One afternoon, I spotted this table in the back of The Salvation Army for $5 and knew it would be pretty painted. Here’s the finished result. It actually only took about 10 minutes to do using white paint.  I filled in the middle with a touch of turquoise craft paint, and now it sits in front of my bed. Not sure what I’ll put in it yet.

2Monogram – This was originally an antique mirror, but I broke it during my recent move. I had seen similar things done on Pinterest using letters, so I decided to create one of my own using my initials. At first, I wasn’t happy with the gold color of the letters, so I repainted them light brown. It still didn’t look right, so I changed them back to gold.

3Dresser – I bought this about a year ago at an antique shop for around $30. It was in good shape aside from the fact it was missing a drawer pull and had a stain on top, so it needed repainting.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but since I planned to use it in my dressing room, I decided to start off by giving the drawers and front a distressed look with white paint.

4I also painted the top brown – a shade that almost matched it’s original wood grain – to cover the stain on top.

But I decided to leave the bottom and sides the original color. As it evolved, I filled in part of the front with a light turquoise color, also giving it a distressed look.

7Then I went to the craft store and bought stencils to make the front a little more decorative. It was my first attempt to use stencils, and I actually think I could have probably painted the design freehand better. But the good thing is, I can always change it if I want to.

Jewelry Chest – I bought this chest a while back at the Salvation Army for about $30. It was black, but had places where the paint had chipped off.

I wanted the dresser and the chest to match. First, I lightly painted over the black with brown paint, the same color used on the top of the dresser. Then I brushed one coat of white paint over the drawers and the middle bar on the front.

5I later painted the bar turquoise to give it the same accent as the dresser. The drawer pulls were originally silver, so I painted them black like the ones on the dresser. After finishing with the paint, it was time to stencil.

Have you completed a Pinterest project that you’re proud of?

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