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Reality television commentary: Veteran ‘reality’ star jumps from ‘Amazing Race’ to ‘Queen Bees’ to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

imagesBravo! has added another spin-off to its lineup called “Vanderpump Rules” that follows “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast member Lisa Vanderpump’s employees at Sur, a West Hollywood restaurant she is involved with. And so far, it has proven – to steal a phrase from Bravo!’s “Housewives of New York” show – money (or good looks) can’t buy you class.

d66b3-1359498332_6674_stassiThe star of this “reality” show is a completely unlikable person named Stassi Schroeder from New Orleans, who is so very self-absorbed and entitled that viewers, right away, get the impression that the show is completely fake because it’s hard to believe someone this horrible actually exists. (Let’s hope that Stassi is just playing a character, and is really a sweet Southern girl with manners who only behaves this way on camera.)

A site called RealityTea today reported that Schroeder also starred in a reality show called “Queen Bees” for one season about, (wouldn’t you know it), self-absorbed entitled, unlikable, mean girls.

I Googled her name, and apparently, a Stassi Schroder was also on the Family Edition of the reality television competition “Amazing Race” in 2005 when she was 17 with her family. She has said on “Vanderpump Rules” she’s 24 now, so it sounds like her, even though she had black hair in 2005.

Here is a description of her family from this site.

aa388-225px-schroederfamily“Mark and Char Schroeder are from New Orleans, La. Mark’s two children from a previous marriage, Stassi, 16, and Hunter, 14, round out the well-traveled team. Mark, 40, is an architect. He enjoys painting, working out and is admittedly arrogant and confident. Mark hopes the Race will teach his family how to rely on each other. Char, 39, works as a public relations director. Focused and friendly, Char is the family mediator and is forced to step in to resolve family conflicts from time to time. Stassi is the queen of the family. Outgoing and adventurous, she is entering her senior year of high school. Her younger brother, Hunter, is entering ninth grade this fall. He describes himself as preppy and hyper. Several of Hunter’s teammates complain that he can be lazy at times – a trait not commonly found in the Race. As they embark on the ultimate family vacation, the ultra-competitive Schroeders are ready for any challenges the Race throws their way.”

The point of this blog post is that Schroeder seems to be a veteran of “reality” television. Was she really “hired” to work at this restaurant? Probably not. Was she cast to work there? Likely.

The only “real” aspect of reality television, I think, is that people are cast for these shows because they fit a certain profile for chaos, so maybe what results, in a sense, is “real.” If so, it’s a shame that, in our culture today, people are rewarded for bad behavior.

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