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Designer Hilton Hollis brings his spring fashion line to Jackson this week

hilton2Natchez Native Hilton Hollis is a New York City designer who is currently promoting his spring fashion line.

He will hold a trunk show from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday and Friday, Feb. 7 and 8, at Maison Weiss at 4500 I-55 North 109 in Jackson.

We recently caught up with him to ask his predictions about what trends and fashion will be hot this spring.

Q. What is your business and where is it located?
A. We produce a high-end clothing line called Hilton Hollis, as well as a diffusion brand called HHollis. Hilton Hollis is refined and sophisticated with business, dressy, evening and casual elements. Prices range from $295-$2,495 at retail. HHollis is casual and sporty, with an emphasis on a relaxed lifestyle. Prices range from $155-$395 at retail. Both lines offer great fabrics, a unique color sense and a fit that is perfect for the woman with curves. I don’t dress models, I dress ‘real’ women. We are located in the heart of Manhattan’s Garment District.

Q. Spring is coming up. Can you offer some fashion tips?
A. Wear neutrals with bright bold colors underneath. My favorite shade for spring is ‘buff and alabaster.’ When worn back to a bright pop of color underneath, the colors work for everyone.

hilton1Q. Tell me a little about your spring line. How would you describe it?
A. Spring is entitled ‘Ethereal Angels,’ which is light and airy fabrics that flow and drape on the body. I am known for my jersey dresses in prints because they are flattering on any body type. My jersey dresses fit women from XS-XL. The line is very diverse, so we really offer something for everyone.

Q. What were some of the things that inspired the designs of your spring line?
A. I actually attended a concert by Antony and the Johnsons at Radio City Music Hall. The concert was sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art. It was produced in collaboration with the light artist Chris Levine, the lighting designer Paul Normandale and the set designer Carl Robertshaw. It was so inspiring and changed my entire prospective on the collection I was working on. I was going with one theme, but after I attended that concert, my entire concept changed.

Q. What are some spring trends that you would recommend, or clothing pieces people should have in their wardrobe this spring?
A. 1960s silhouettes, animal-inspired prints, aquatic and ethereal prints, such as space-inspired, infrared color (very orange-based red color.)

Q. What should people keep in mind when they are trying to build a spring wardrobe?
A. Invest in neutral pieces that can ground your wardrobe, but inject trend pieces that are more attainable. Let your budget go into investment dressing. I would rather someone buy six pieces that are special and a bit more expensive, than buying throwaway clothes of inferior quality.

Q. Any other tips for spring that you have to offer?
A. Light fresh makeup with a pop of lip color is key. I also love a dew-like silver powder on the cheeks. … It gives an almost angelic look.

Check out his collection here.

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