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Kardashian khaos kaptivates Mississippians

kimThe city of Ridgeland and Northpark mall were well prepared for “reality” television star Kim Kardashian’s appearance tonight. An ambulance, a fire truck and at least two police cars were parked outside the entrances to Belk, where Kardashian was inside signing autographs for those who purchased her $95 bottle of perfume, True Reflection. 

Because we had posted a couple of stories on The Clarion-Ledger website about her upcoming appearance, and they were followed by a slew of negative comments from readers, I wondered just how popular she would be in Jackson, and how many people would show up at the mall to see her. Despite the negativity, I suspected there would be quite a few, since she is – like it or not – one of the biggest celebrities of the day.

Kim Tweeted a few comments about her Mississippi visit before making her grand entrance at Northpark, and posted the picture above before the Belk event held from 6-8 p.m. It’s how I was able to recognize her from a distance.

kimHer Twitter comment: “Lets go Mississippi! Can’t wait to see u for my fragrance signing!” #TrueReflection http://instagr.am/p/VNN96JuS1i

Before going inside, I sat in the parking lot and watched people filter in. They were mostly young girls in their teens and twenties wearing trendy, sparkly clothing. But inside there was a mix of ages, mostly women and a few men.

Music blared with lyrics that had something to do with the name of the perfume, and a long, roped-off line of people wrapped around the entire store, many of them holding perfume bottles as they waited during that 6-8 p.m. window for an opportunity to meet Kardashian in person.

kim2I followed my editor, Annie Oeth, around the side of the line as she tried to get a head count, then we met a rather a tall security guard (below) who was keeping everything in check. We surveyed the crowd. I snapped a few iPhone pictures of the Kardashian khaos. She headed to the food court to meet her daughter, and I decided to go home.

I caught a glimpse of Kim, above, but didn’t get to meet her, although C-L staff photographer Vickie King was front and center at the event. (I’m sure you’ll see the photos tomorrow in The C-L.)

Say what you will about Kim. She, and her family are, indeed, controversial figures. People love them or hate them, and some love to hate them. The krazy klan even makes it easy sometimes.

Since a lot of the comments we received covered the negative – focusing on the positive, Kardashian does seem to have a work ethic, which is more than you can say for a lot of people. If I already had a kazillion dollars, I might be tempted to sit home in my pajamas and kount my money, but she kontinues to hustle for that Kardashian kash

Yep, love her or hate her, she can sell some perfume.

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