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Hinds County deputies photographed in high heels

heelsI said it once, and I’ll say it again.

You can prove you’re a real man by wearing high heels.

I recently told you about a Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event that was being held at Mississippi University for Women to stomp out rape, sexual assault and gender violence.

At the time, the event schedule only showed one event happening in Mississippi this year. But when I looked at my Facebook page today, someone had posted these pictures of Hinds County officials participating in their own Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event today.

They posted a gallery of photos that you can look at here with this message: “Hinds County deputies and other law enforcement personnel sport high heels for the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event at the State Capitol this morning. The one mile walk was held in an effort to raise awareness about sexual assault, rape and gender violence and is sponsored by the Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Busted heels, bruised ankles and burning legs were just some of the problems. Let’s cheer our deputies on for supporting a good cause.”

Described as a playful opportunity for men to raise community awareness about the causes, effects and remedies for sexual violence, the intention is to get the community talking about gender relations and demonstrate that men are willing and able to partner with women in making the world a safer place.

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