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How I saved Mississippi

IMG_6100So, I was in a thrift store recently, and I found this cross-stitched Mississippi picture. Because I collect Mississippi-shaped things, I was really excited to save it from thrift store purgatory, and even more excited when I learned it only cost a buck.

I took the picture home, bought a new frame for it, and pulled out my acrylic paints, so I could update the hidden border I discovered beneath another border with sad little cut-out hearts in the corners.

It only took a few minutes to paint. Then, I put it in the new frame and set it on top of my bookcase with my other Mississippi things. The person who created it stitched the year it was made near the bottom of the state (1993), so it’s now 20 years old.

Here’s the finished product. I think it was worth a $1. What do you think?

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