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Pearl native LeAnn Rimes is a "Spitfire" in new album

spitfirePearl native LeAnn Rimes Tweeted links to three new videos from her latest album “Spitfire” this week, and the title track, which has an old country, folksy feel, is great. “I know that you’re a dirty little liar. I’m not gonna get stuck in your muck and mire. You make me want to spit fire,” are the lyrics.

It’s really one the best songs I’ve heard from Rimes’ in a long time. For a while, it seemed she was stuck singing crossover songs that weren’t really identifiable as country music, but there’s no mistaking this one. Her voice is so much better suited for pure country, and with these three, she doesn’t use popular vocal acrobatic tricks like Christina Aguilera and others who get caught up in proving their own range so much, they seem to forget about the actual quality of the song they are trying to perform, something I’ve seen Rimes do in the past.

I’m sure “Spitfire” and some of the other songs on the album, on some level, are about the star’s personal life. Brandi Glanville, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, who also happens to be the ex-wife of LeAnn’s husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, hasn’t been shy about talking about her personal issues with Rimes on the reality show.  So if this album is a form of payback, it’s a good one.

In “Borrowed,” Rimes sings: “I know you’re not mine, only borrowed. You already belonged to her, and she said so. But I’m starting to believe it ain’t all true, because when we’re lying side by side, I get the whole truth.”

All three videos show Rimes recording the songs in a studio, a great way to successfully showcase herself as a true vocal artist. These songs seem much more personal for Rimes, including the confessional “What Have I Done,” a song in which she questions breaking the heart of the only man who has ever loved her.

I don’t know if Rimes wrote or co-wrote the songs. I hope so, because that would be really impressive. But even the selection makes me wonder if this is her first real attempt at interjecting her own personal experiences in her music. If so, I’d say she did a fine job.

Oh, and as an additional note: There was some confusion over whether or not LeAnn was a native of Jackson, Pearl or Star, Miss. All three cities are listed as her hometown on various Internet reports. I Tweeted her the question today, asking where she was originally from, and she was nice enough to Tweet back “Pearl.”

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